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Christmas Horror Flicks to Watch By the Fire This Holiday Season

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Christmas is right around the corner - are you ready to celebrate the most wonderful time of year yet? If you're not that into Christmas, but you're looking for a fun way to get into the holiday spirit, then we've got you covered - we've put together a list of some of our favorite Christmas Horror Movies, so you can celebrate the season in style with festive slasher flicks to keep you entertained throughout the holiday season.

Ready for some scary good fun this holiday? Here are our top picks for your Christmas Horror Marathon:

  1. Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984) - The Christmas horror movie to end all Christmas horror movies, "Silent Night, Deadly Night" was a shockingly gory horror movie when it was released, and its festive overtones had audience's jaws dropping. The movie opens with a young boy, Billy, watching his parents getting slaughtered by a robber dressed up as Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. As you might imagine, this traumatic experience scarred Billy deeply. If that wasn't enough, once Billy was shipped off to the orphanage at a convent, he witnesses Mother Superior clock a man dressed as Santa right in the face. Unsurprisingly, Billy is uh, a little bit weird about Santa Claus.

    Flash forward a few years, and little Billy is now an adult, but he's still got a bit of a complex when it comes to the man in red. After witnessing a seriously violent act, Billy snaps (surprise, surprise), and after years of pent up rage and anger directed at Santa, he starts dressing up as Mr. Claus himself, and goes on a murderous rampage. Festive, right?

    This slasher flick was so popular, that is spawned numerous sequels over the years, and no one ever looked at Santa quite the same after its release!

  2. Black Christmas (1974) - If Silent Night, Deadly Night was the most epic of Christmas Horror Movies, then Black Christmas is the one that started it all. This movie is often referred to as a real game changer for the horror genre, and it's one of the biggest inspirations for the creators of the Halloween franchise (as you probably know, Halloween is one of the biggest horror movie franchises...ever).

    In Black Christmas, a sorority is having their annual Christmas Party - fun, right? But they keep getting calls from a creepy guy who's just breathing into the phone, and generally freaking out the girls. At the same time, party goers are getting plucked off one by one (why they continue to party, I'm not sure), and no one knows who the killer is - or why he's targeting the sorority.

    It all ties together when the gals realize that the creepy calls are coming from inside the house - the creepy caller/murderer has been hanging out in their attic all along. This movie turned the urban legend of "the murderer was really inside the house all along", and turned it into an iconic silver screen legend. This movie is so legendary that it actually was even remade in 2006, but the original still holds up after all these years, and is definitely worth a watch.

  3. Krampus (2015) - Are you familiar with The Krampus? He's Santa's cloven-hooved pal who punishes the bad kids while Santa hands out gifts to the good little girls and boys. Although Krampus has basically been written out of most child-friendly Christmas lore, since you know - the idea of a demon kidnapping, beating, and eating you for being bad before Christmas is absolutely terrifying - he's been making a comeback in recent years, in no small part due to 2015's Krampus - which really, all bad little kids should be made to watch each holiday season (could you imagine?!).

    The fact that Santa is always watching, and always knows whether you're naughty or nice should really freak people out a bit more than it does - seriously - but it seems that most folks are at peace with that. Well, Krampus raises the stakes by inflicting punishment on those on the Naughty List, which should really inspire everyone to try to be on the Nice List this holiday season.

    If you're into over-the-top slasher flicks, and you don't mind mixing in a dash of Christmas cheer, than Krampus is definitely a modern Christmas Horror Classic you'll want to check out this holiday season.

  4. Jack Frost (1997) - For those unfamiliar with Jack Frost the horror movie, I want to clarify - the 1997 Horror Flick is not the same Jack Frost as the adorable, heartwarming family film of the same name that was released in 1998 (how anyone thought releasing a kids movie with the same name, and same premise - but less diabolical of course - back to back was a good idea, I'll never know), but 1997's horror movie Jack Frost is one of those films that's literally so bad, it's good. If you're into watching B Horror Movies, then you won't want to miss on this iconic film that was so bad, it scored 7% (yes, out of 100%) on Rotten Tomatoes.

    As legend would have it, a notorious serial killer, aptly named Jack Frost, was on his was to be executed one fateful Christmas Eve, when his transport vehicle got into an accident, and he was somehow transmutated into a murderous snowman in a freak accident (not really sure about the science behind it, but let's run with it). From there, Jack goes on a murder spree, as psychopathic snowmen are wont to do, and believing that as a snowman, he's totally invincible, he's able to kill lots and lots of people before being defeated.

    Despite being comically bad, this film has become a cult classic, which might explain why such a ridiculous movie was actually greenlit for a sequel just a few years later in 2000 - a sequel that takes place on a tropical island, you know - one where snowmen would usually melt? If you're really into campy, over-the-top special effects, and somewhat silly horror flicks, then I'd recommend watching both Jack Frost, and its sequel, Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman (no I am not making that title up).

  5. The Gingerdead Man (2005) - Since we're on the topic of horror comedies (thank you very much, Jack Frost), I couldn't help but include The Gingerdead Man, a Christmas horror flick about how due to some zany coincidences, a homicidal maniac, aptly played by none other than Gary Busey himself, is reanimated and brought back to life - as a Gingerbread Man.

    You'd think that since he's the size of a regular cookie, that The Gingerdead Man could be stopped, but no - instead of just, I dunno, eating him, the sleepy town the Gingerdead Man terrorizes throughout the movie just kinda recoils in fear as he goes on a murderous rampage. More importantly, I'd really like to know where the tiny Gingerbread Man Murder got his tiny knife and gun from - I mean, his adorably small weapons were fully functional - where does a Gingerbread Man even find such things?

    I'd like to note that although none of these movies are appropriate for children, this one seems to have a particular amount of foul language and adult situations in it, despite the title, premise, and whole shebang being pretty funny, so it's definitely not one you'll want to watch beside the fire with your little cousins this holiday.

What's Your Favorite Christmas Horror Movie? Let Us Know in the Comments Below!



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