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Tilly Willy Bridge - Fayetteville AR Real Haunted Places

  • Wilson Hollow Rd.
  • Fayetteville, AR
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This bridge has since been demolished, but has a haunting story attached to it that involves a woman who drove off the bridge in the 1970s, killing herself and her children. Her phantom car has been seen driving across the bridge and her apparition has been spotted twirling in a nearby field, in a white dress. Other stories say a green goblin creature is known to appear nearby.
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  • Tilly willy

    All the stories about Tilly willy are nothing but urban myth. The "haunting" story can be traced back to the thirties. But the story gets updated about every ten years. There ISN'T one police report or new article about a lady driving off the bridge The only true fact, is that a collage student did dive off the bridge and break his neck. BUT he did not die. So, Tilly Willy is nothing but urban myth

    Posted 9/24/23

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  • Haunted.

    Left the fish review turned out to be actually haunted saw the goblin and multiple ghosts went at 12 am to 3 am Halloween night of 2022 saw and photographed multiple apparitions didn’t believe in ghosts until this adventure went multiple times and saw something one other time, go at your own risk scary things are here and this is actually no joke!

    Posted 7/5/23

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  • Came back I previously posted about the fish!

    Went Halloween night and it didn’t disappoint saw a green goblin and at least 6 apparitions came with 15 people ended up leaving with 2 everyone else was scared off, go at your own risk this is actually haunted though I only see things 50% of the time! Worth checking out!

    Posted 7/5/23

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  • Nothing scary but the big fish below.

    Not scary at all but saw some big fish went there 14 times have yet to go on Halloween or October will keep the forum updated.

    Posted 7/15/22

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  • Urban Legend, True or False?

    My friend and I are paranormal investigators under Sacari Investigations on YouTube. While at the Fayetteville mall, we decided to give tilly willy bridge a look, we stayed for a couple hours from dusk to dark. There was definitely spiritual activity, but not of the woman as heard in the stories. We parked on the bridge and waited to see about foggy windows. (You're on a bridge, the windows are gonna fog regardless) No new handprints could be seen, and honestly I don't think that woman's spirit is there anymore. This could be a legend with truth, but we're the stories bent a bit? Yeah, I think so. Definitely a creepy spot though, I say go give it a look before deciding after reading this.

    Posted 2/15/22

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  • By Far My Favourite Haunted Location,

    After the old bridge got demolished in 2010, I decided to give the New Bridge a try. Well, what do you know? The new bridge is even *better* than the old bridge. Sometimes you can hear cars passing by when there are no cars, high-pitched noises, a green blob crossing the creek, and your car windows fogging up. I think it's better because of the "Tamper with our stuff, we tamper with your life." sort-of principle. Yes, my experience happened in broad daylight.

    Posted 11/14/21

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  • Haunted for sure!

    I went out to Tilly Willy just for fun, instead. An unexpected terrifying experience happen. As I arrived , I drove a couple of times to check it out. After the third pass, I decided to park. ( unknowingly perfect on a Pentagram that somenow went unseen) I turned on my video recorder , hoping to catch something or a ghost. My son and niece waited in the car because , my niece got scared. As I walked out on the bridge I heard faint crying. I countiued to walk and stay on the bridge. My son started screaming for me to come back, I could hear it in his voice he was freaked out. He realized that we were perfectly centered on a Pentagram, large enough for my CRV. I get back into my car and my niece is crying uncontrollably, repeating over. He is here, he is at the window, he won't go as she was rocking back and forth. I looked down and noticed my Saint Christopher Pentdent, was lying on the floor board. It somehow was taken off the the shifting gear, where it was tighly wrapped around. My son said it felt like something was breathing on his neck and said it is time to leave. ( we were trying to calm down my niece) She countied crying and say that he was there, he won't go) As we got closer into town , she passed out. When she woke up she had know idea what just happend. I parked at a gas station to calm my nerves, and my car has strange unknown hoof and hand like prints all around. It was as if something crawled all around the glass. It was then we tried to listen , to my recording. Only the first few seconds played, we heard a women say save us all. I have not been able to get the recording to play again and some hand like prints still remain on the glass. As if the prints were etched in between the glass, it will not come off. I believe without a doubt, something is haunting the Tilly Willy Bridge...

    Posted 10/25/18

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  • The Real Story behind Tilly Willy

    Tilly Willy is an "urban legend". When the story was first told, it was suppose to have been a woman driving a Model A into town and was distracted by her young son. This story was going around in the 50's. The story was revised in the 70's to a family was driving across the bridge and the father was distracted by a son sitting next to his sister and they drove off the bridge and drowned. The story has since been changed again to the present one of a mother and two daughters driving off the bridge in the early 70's. My family has lived out there since the 30's and never heard that story until I was attending Fayetteville High on School Street in the 50's. The Brook's family has lived within a half mile of the old bridge, long before there was a bridge/dam since the 1800's. In fact Brook's Mountain is named after the family. One of the son's my age, was a County Sheriff in the 50's, 60's, 70's and early 80's and stated that he had heard the story, but that was what it is a story. There isn't any evidence of it ever happening, no police reports or any news paper reports of the "supposed" incident. Now you would think that "if" it was true, there would be a police report or a newspaper article of the family drowning. Sorry there are none. Now, if you want to visit a "haunted" place, I suggest the old train tunnel in Winslow. I have been there and heard the sound of running foot prints in the tunnel. If, people visit it, park at the old train station and walk south to the tunnel. Take at least four people, that way half the group can go through the tunnel to the other end and the other half can stay at the front of the tunnel, Just wait awhile and one group will hear the running sound running away from them, while the other group will hear the sound coming towards them. It is reported that a family member of the Smith's who owned the local General Store next to the West side of the tracks had a family member hit by a freight train in the 30's as they were coming to town using the tunnel as short-cut. and you can hear their running steps as they were trying to out run the train.

    Posted 6/21/17

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