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Witches Hollow - Cave City - Real Haunts in Cave City AR

  • Sandtown Rd.
  • Cave City, AR
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Witches Hollow is where a witch supposedly once practiced her magic. Stories say that the area is haunted by the dead witch who murdered her husband. Her spirit has been spotted walking along the dirt road off Santown Road and some reports say that to get to the spot, you must go past Thunder Hill Lane and follow the faint dirt road at the right.
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  • Definitely heard a scream, but I mean...

    So my friends and I were a couple of screwballs when we were young and whenever we got bored, we'd sometimes drive to the chapel to see what was up. It was definitely creepy every time (but then again, if you're going into an abandoned chapel in the dead of night, of course it's gonna be creepy) and nothing really happened until the last time we went. I had gone with a new group of friends this time and when we pulled up to the gate, one friend was hesitant to get out of the car. While we were messing with him and telling him not to be a wuss, we were interrupted by a blood-curling female scream coming from the direction of the church. It felt like a scene out of a cheesy horror movie. We wasted no time in getting back in the car and hauling ass. In retrospect, it could've just been someone screwing with us. If so, hats off to them for giving us the fright of our lives. If not, well then... maybe the place really is haunted. Out of an abundance of caution, we stopped going. Probably a wise move.

    Posted 6/3/24

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  • Witches hollow

    I went to school in cave city been out to witches hollow over 100 times and I’ve never seen or heard anything but I’ve never been out with any kinda equipment or anything to communicate with anyone so maybe that’s why

    Posted 9/14/22

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  • Did an investigation at Lees Chapel

    Never have been able to find witches hollow but have done multiple investigations at Lees before they reopened it as a functioning church. caught a woman laughing on EVP, a deep growly get out on recording as well. upstairs something tugged on my cross necklace and heard snarling right behind my ear along with a figure staying in the shadows and a pentagram on the floor with candle wax around it. if anyone who knows where witches hollow is let me know, and if anyone knows the owners of the church I would love to do one more investigation there.

    Posted 5/15/22

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  • Scary

    My Aunt and her daughter and my sister and her friend went there when covid started and they heared screaming and then someone is the woods and then they seen the lady in black and ran and they have not been back ever since they refuse to go

    Posted 3/7/21

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  • My family went here

    My family came here one day my cousin my cousins dad and my dad we got here and we heard something in the bushes when we looked there was nothing there but when we looked back we saw a large white figure do not go here you will be terified

    Posted 12/13/20

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  • Where to find witches hollow

    How do I get there I can't find the directions or the chapel and house

    Posted 5/24/20

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  • No trespassing

    Gates on both roads... No trespassing signs. :(

    Posted 1/31/20

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  • Something Definitely "There"

    Yesterday, we found the dirt road & a burned down cabin. As I walked closer, a huge feeling of dread came over me. My heart started racing; my breathing became very labored. When I was almost to what must have been the root cellar, I couldn't take another step - I kept bringing my foot back & don't know why. I had to leave, the atmosphere was too overpowering. All the anxious feelings passed as I got further from the cabin. I didn't see anything but the feelings and the dread were awful.

    Posted 1/4/19

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  • Man in Black

    Going into witches hollow we went to the church first. and my buddy who is not musical at all start playing on the piano. So we left. After a few minutes of being gone he started playing good, like really good. When we went in there, there was a man dressed in black standing over him, as soon as we made a noise it was gone. My buddy ran out all the way back to the truck screaming. He didn’t say a word till we got to the exxon at the top of the hill. When we got there he said he had no memory of playing the piano just a feeling taking over him. The whole drive back we could see a face in the back of the truck and we know it wasn’t any of our reflections... please stay away. It is not a good place to go. It will forever change your life and how you live.

    Posted 10/28/18

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  • Heard a faint but deep growl walking out the top of chapel

    Walked into the chapel for the first time and checked it out. Creepy but when i got to the top of the chapel i just kind of felt something was there with it that had conjured something, by the time i started walking out of the top of the chapel, i closed the heavy door and heard a faint but distinct growling noise from inside the chapel and I didn’t really know what to make of it but i was in complete disbelief. Going down the stairs i almost tripped trying to hurry down them. But the stairs are in rough condition.

    Posted 10/15/18

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  • We spoke to something on Echovox but...

    The place is now in total ruin, I was there last night and it’s nothing but rubble. It’s very eerie there and we believe we communicated with SOMETHING on Echovox. When asking if the witch can communicate through the app, it responded “yeah”. When asking more questions, we heard the “Husband”, “Monster” three times and “Run now”. After hearing that we left. Email us to get the link to our video.

    Posted 12/24/17

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