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Keller's Chapel and Cemetery - Jonesboro AR Real Haunts

  • Keller's Chapel and Cemetery
  • Jonesboro, AR
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This cemetery is rumored to be haunted by ghostly lights that follow visitors around at night, the sounds of babies crying, eerie apparitions and unexplained noises.
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  • more like devils chapel

    now let me just start by saying I lived in this town since I was baby in 1966 and I always knew better then to go down there to kellers chapel and I canot believe when I heard they was building houses out by it because of just how evil of a place its said to be. my neece told me she was moving in right beside it and I new I had to be a protecting uncle and go make sure it was safe. growing up I had a relative from louisiana so I know all about voodoo and spirits and ghosts and how to keep that evil out a my heart by keepin it filled with the joyus and mighty light of the heavenly father baby jesus praise HIM. we went out there last night and I made sure the Silverado was loaded for any kinda supernatural enemy. we brought table salt and sea salt and garlic salt and extra virgin oluv oil. my pop has been building a new fire pit so I even took a hammer to some of the bad bricks not the good ones or he’d whoop me even though im grown and filled my coleman cooler with brick dust. If you know about voodoo like me you understand why. We got out there just before the storm came in about 9 oclock pm at night and started looking around. My wife loreda got to work flingin salt and dust around the Silverado and on our shoes so spirits couldnt climb inside and take us over or slither up into the duramax 3.0 liter turbo diesel in case the only thing between us and damnation was the 460 pound foot of torque that only a good chevy can provide. a toyota or ford ain’t gonna save nobody from wicked apparishions. Dont even go gettin me started on a dodge. best way to find a ghost is to cuss at it. thats what my louisiana relative said she said they dont stand for disrespect. so if you wanna see one you gotta stir em up a little. my wife started into shoutin that robert e lee was the c word and i went after the other folks by tellin em that lincoln was right, the cemetery had a dumb name, and grits should never be ate by nobody. that must of done the trick because just like that shadowy beins started to drift up from a pair a graves like earthworms after a hard rain. i yelled at my wife to run and shouted how my neece was a G D fool for movin out here. We yank the doors open and jumped inside the Silverado makin sure to kick off the salt and dust because of the floormats and cranked the engine. it came right to life either from the protective circle or more likely because you cannot stop a chevy. peelin out of there my son reached up and pointed at a couple more shadow things tryin to block the way out and i said good eye boy and mowed through em. we got on the road and my wife was sweating like ken schrader at dale earnhardts funeral and my son was dead quiet. I smelled somethin burning and my wife said the old popeyes chicken bag on the floor was smoking like it had been dipped into the devils sulfurus rivers. i threw it out and vowed to eat the lords chicken from that day forward and headed to chick fill A. in the drive thru line we was talking about what happened and I asked my son what he wanted to eat and thats when I realized I dont have a son. he was gone. I truly believe we carried a spirit with us across jonesboro and pulling into chick fill A exercised him from my Silverado. bless God. bless his chicken. bless my neece. bless my Silverado. do not go there without protection.

    Posted 5/25/22

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  • Went last night.

    My family and I went last night September 21, 2021, and my family thought it was all just fun and games. I lit a candle for protection and left it in the parking lot by my car in front of the chapel. Everything was fine at first, but as we all separated to explore the cemetery, I started getting light headed and pulled toward the middle back of the cemetery behind the chapel toward a little shed. My head started pounded so bad that I started seeing people in the cemetery that were not there. I’m very familiar with spirts and entities, so I came with protection. The candle lit by the car, my bottle of sea salt in my hand, my grandmothers crystal and a st. Michael’s pendant on a chain around my neck, and a pouch of tiny crystals and more saint pendants in my pocket. I covered many bases, yet something was affecting me so badly that I was seeing people who weren’t there and felt like I was going to pass out. I got a handful of my salt and blew it into the air. It gave me enough time to snap out of it and go looking for my family. I found everyone except for my boyfriend. He refused to come as protected as me because he’s “familiar with this.” I was kinda pissed because I’m familiar with “this” which is why I covered my bases for protection. I couldn’t find him. I tried to call him and he didn’t answer. I called a second time and he told me he was on the edge of the cemetery. So I walked for a minute and found him and told him it was time to leave. Upon dragging him back to my car, he tried to touch the chapel which I refused to let him do. I don’t like to touch things because of the energy transfer and you never know what energy was left behind until you’ve already touched it. Hell no he wasn’t about to touch the chapel after he was already out touching gravestones. And we argued more because he didn’t wasn’t to leave and he didn’t want to get in the cat again telling me how “familiar” he is was all of “this” and doesn’t need protection. I was getting pissed. Like being familiar should be one reason you know you need protection. I was so mad I couldn’t knocked him a good one right there in the parking lot. I knew it was the negative energy affecting us that made him put up such a fight with me to just get in the car. The energy here is bad. Yes, this place made me feel sick. And all the negative energy caused a fight between me and my boyfriend because he didn’t take precautions against the negative energy like I did. The rest of my family was fine, but they aren’t as sensitive. Do not go here without protecting yourself.

    Posted 9/22/21

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  • Mysterious Man

    It was a hot July night when I visited Keller’s Chapel Cemetery but not for the same purpose many of you visit. I was there to visit my two great grandparents, who were buried there. My great grandpa was a veteran and his birthday was on July 4th. I always tried to make it a point to visit his grave on his birthday. I was busy that day with Fourth of July festivities so it wasn’t until later that night—around 11:00 p.m.— that I arrived to the cemetery. When I got there, I exited my car and sat by the tombstone. I got this eerie feeling that I was being watch but I just convinced myself that I was alarmed only because I was at a cemetery at night by myself. I gazed to my left to reassure myself and I saw a very suspicious man in the far distance. He seemed to be dressed in dark clothing. I was very spooked and immediately got back in my car. I turned my back for a split second and the dark figure was gone. I’m not one to believe in ghost but after how spooked I was I came to the conclusion that it was someone just trying to scare me or someone in the cemetery up to no good so I drove around about to the spot where I thought he was. He wasn’t there. I drove around the entire cemetery (the parts that were drivable) and there was no man to be see. I thought it was very eerie. Since this day I have never gone back alone.

    Posted 12/8/20

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  • Never had a haunted place make me feel mortified

    Date: 5/24-5/28 (2020) Me and a couple of friends recently read about this place after we were interested in Randonautica (an app that leads you to unexplained places). All my friends thought it was a good idea to check Keller’s chapel out. At first we were too scared to go in so we just recorded the chapel while we drove by. When driving exactly by it me and my boyfriends face lit up with a fever and we couldn’t breathe. Negative energy was weighing on us and I felt almost as if I were drunk (ya know the nausea and flushed pigment). I decided to do a prayer before coming home and told whatever was there was not welcomed. (I wore cross earrings that day as well- this goes with the story). Weeks later (I was not wearing my cross earrings) they wanted to go into the cemetery. They drove around it at 10:50 pm at night while me and my bestfriend were waiting in the car next to the electrical work behind us. (We heard that parking in front of the chapel turns your car off). Not only 8 mins have passed and I could feel something shoving my side of the car, the wind wasn’t strong enough to use such a direct force like that. I couldn’t move I was mortified at what just happened. So I took off and drove to the church past the stop light until I could calm down. When I came back my friends were ready to go. They stated they didn’t feel or see anything at all, they said it was quite peaceful. They even went to the cemetery behind Keller’s chapel where the Keller family and the 9 children are buried. I was so out of it that day and tried to brush it off. I spoke to my friend who’s a witch about it and showed her the videos I took, you can see several orbs dashing across the screen of my phone. Not only so, there are two glitches in the video that I can’t explain. My witchy friend told me it’s because the energy from the ghost are trying to show me something. Each glitch points to the chapel are were so quick, I had to screen record them. Each time it happens it’s at a different spot, so it has nothing to do with the technological work of my phone. My friend is going to get me sage and other protective herbs as I feel I’m being attacked and provoked. Ever since I went into the chapel I’ve had bad luck call upon me. Both of my cars broke down, I haven’t slept right in two weeks, unexplained noises are always around me, and just recently I witnessed someone get hit by a truck at 50 mph. (I was the last person to speak to him before taking his order at Wendy’s before he got ran over). I did an egg cleansing as well (sounds silly unless your tia or abuelita is a brujería then you’ll understand) and found that my egg came out in strings, along with that the egg was totally solid and consisted of cloudy white strings and an evil eye. (Which means something is out to get me). If anyone could help me in this phenomenon message me on Instagram and if you want the real raw footage of the chapel I took dm me @lberme on Instagram. Thank you and I hope you PROTECT YOURSELF before going into this church. I don’t think you’re messing with spirits, I feel its significantly more evil than that.

    Posted 6/1/20

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  • Feelings

    One night in the summer the night before I was supposed to take my trip to Florida me and a few friends decided we’d go out “ghost hunting” we went to a cemetery out by bono and we all got out of the car walked around we were completely fine. We decided to load up and go to Keller’s chapel. It was what they call the witching hour which is at 3am. We got there and drove in we went down the hill all the way to the bottom and noticed and old shed that looked all together but it had also not been used for a while. We then decided to go back up the hill and we parked next to the church under some trees. We decided to leave the car running because it was hot and as we sat there we wouldn’t get out. I had this horrid feeling deep down in my gut I knew whatever was around wasn’t very welcoming. I kept telling them we should leave but they didn’t listen. I felt so bad I felt physically sick. I wouldn’t look out the windows nothing. They decided to turn on an app called spirit box. It was a lot of mumbling but we heard top hat almost all night. We then heard get them and I had these cold chills go through me then I felt like I was burning up with a high fever. Then we seen some shadowy figures standing all through the grave yard and the feeling game back except this time I was actually crying. We stayed I drifted off to sleep but awoke suddenly and just sat there looking down. When the sun came up we decided we would actually get out and have a look around. We were about 3ft from the church and all you felt was freezing cold. Then I noticed the whole church borded up there was no way in the church but there was a cut out and an air conditioning unit in the window and it was on. Which is weird because the church wasn’t occupied. Also when we got out there was a weird smell close to the church. But we eventually got bored and decided to leave when we got home we did more research and learned that one of the members always wore a top hat and that’s what we heard the whole night. I was very skeptical about the app until I got home and no one has ever lived in our house they were just built and the app didn’t work but it went crazy at the cemetery. So I wouldn’t reccomend going out there with the feelings I got but if you do keep god close with you and don’t got alone.

    Posted 1/19/20

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  • It's all real

    Some of yall may believe in ghosts, and some of you may not, but i wanna tell yall what happened tonight. I went to kellers chapel. We were walking around and a truck pulls up. Some teens get out with a Ouija board so me and my dad get curious. We stick around and they start using a spirit box. We asked it to say my dads name. It did. He asked it to say my sons name. It did. A few seconds later, a child's voice says "papa". Thats what my son calls my dad. It's answering questions clear as day from my dad. The main boy, Dawson asked it to say his last name, and it did. We asked "how many LIVING people are here?". It says 9. There were 9 of us standing around a grave. There's no way that it would know our names at Keller if there werent things out there. They were completely random people to us with a completely random device we have never used. Whether you believe it or not, there's things out there, and ive heard it for myself.

    Posted 12/1/19

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  • Psychic medium story and how to protect yourself and family

    I am a medium i have been to kellars chapel I love it. Not afraid of what all I have seen but being the Pyschic medium I have with being able to help good and bad spirits Cross over I was also a special guest with a Jonesboro paranormal team in October last yr did a tour them got to explain and witness the bad evil there!!! I also know it better to carry protection as in crystals sage and sea salt and so forth, I know that nothing bad happened to any of us that night alot activity was picked upon. Also as arriving you please say your not here to harm no ghost they can't follow you home there not allowed to but most of all!!! Show no fear it's what the demons want you to do be scared and run they can't hurt you but can make it look like you hurt yourself hope this makes since

    Posted 11/7/19

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  • We went there not believing it was haunted....

    Once we went to Jonesboro we had decided to go shopping when we got done shopping. We thought it was a good idea to to disprove the Keller’s chapel cemetery haunting to be false.Therefore we went out and took pictures and in front of us was a truck that failed to start so anyway we heard that if you turn your car off it would not be able to start back up so we being dumb got out and turned the car off and went and took pictures and knocked on the door three times and heard soft gentle music coming from inside but the church is not in use it scared me so we took a few pics and we left and we posted them on social media you can see it on my Instagram page Yo_BoiwwIIpro anyways the picture was seen by a few people and someone pointed out a ghost in a white dress so I looked and I saw it then I said to myself oh snap I’m done bro anyways IM NEVER GOING BACK TO KELLERS CHAPEL.

    Posted 10/9/19

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  • Going back this year

    After saying I was never going to return to this place I have decided to try it once again. This time though I will leave my sons at home. This year it will just be me and my husband. He does not believe in the supernatural and he did not see what I did. But I do know its real and I will never forget what happened. I am going to go on a Friday or Saturday night really late sometime in October. I dont guess with ghosts it really makes a difference when you go. They are there 365 days year round. It just seems more fun to go for Halloween. I also like to nose around in the summer. Wish me luck and I will report back to you how it went.

    Posted 9/27/19

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  • Evil presence lurking in dark

    I am 50 yrs old and all my life I have heard the stories about how kellers cemetary was haunted. I didnt believe any of them. So last halloween on a dark stormy night the full moon was ducking in behind angry clouds I decided to go over there for myself. It had rained earlier but wasnt right then. The wind was blowing hard and lightning crashed across the sky once in a while. I know your thinking this sounds like the beginning of a stephen king movie but it really happened that way. I strained my eyes trying to see in the dark.nothing. I sat there for what seemed like forever. The storm was starting to act up again so I was getting nervous. It was about 2am. I glanced out across the tombstones and in the corner of my left I seen movement. No one else was out there but me.I just sat there frozen with fear as something black moved slowly and silently towards me. It was way in the back but gradually it was gaining ground. The lightning lit up the sky and I stared at the black mass trying to make sense of what I was looking at. But I couldnt. It was just something black like a shadow. You couldnt make out if it was a person or what. The harder I tried to make my eyes identify it the weirder it got. All I could tell you is something is there. It knows you are there it is intimidating scarey and a cold feeling goes up your spine. All night it felt like eyes were watching my every move. Finally it stopped acting sneaky and just began stalking and slowly creeping towards me. It first showed itself tome at a big tombstone like it came up out of the ground at that grave. It was over by an old building. It was getting closer and I snapped out of the trance I was in an tried to leave. My truck would not start. I said you have got to be f***ing kidding me. Then I started praying for God to help me. I said to him that if he helped me leave then I would never return. Just then my truck started. Boy, I can tell you I floor boarded it out of there. As I was turning the steering wheel making my way out off the property I looked back one last time and there the black thing was still slowly coming at me. I turned back around crying .Trying to fly out of there for good!!! I did not stop at the red light as I came up to highway 49. I ran it squalling my tires and I didnt slow down until I got to the high school on main. I went down to the light and turned right onto east nettleton . I kept looking in my rear view window expecting it to be following me but I was alone. Finally after driving down east nettleton to caraway road I turned right then turned left onto highland drive then straight home. I live across from the turtle creek mall in those houses in there by the animal pet hospital. I must have thought that if I drove erractic making weird turns to get home then I would outrun and lose that thing. Mostly though I was having a panic attack and just wanted to drive some to be around other people in traffic. I will never go back afterall I promised God. But if you do please be careful. I have no idea what that was but I was in danger. It was there to either hurt or kill me. Please take someone with you. God needs to be with you. Take care friend.

    Posted 9/10/19

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  • A Evil Spirit

    My friends and I were told about this place and we travel from Tennessee to see if it was true because we enjoy visiting haunted places. But this place. I never want to come near it again. As we was walking through it during the night, we saw a shadow figure standing by a tombstone. My friend, he decided to walk towards it so I followed him. When we got to the tombstone, no one was there. But we turned around to head back to our vehicle. A man was standing by our car watching us. He was just looking at us. He then begin walking towards us with haste. We begin to run but heard a scream of a woman. We looked back and he was gone. We went back to the car to leave and after we started the car. I looked out to the cemetery before I took off and he was there again. Except this time he was holding a sharp curved knife standing above a grave in the very back. The way he was standing there in the wind. I couldn't see his face but I could feel uncomfortable. Like he was staring into my soul. I will never come back here. The feeling it gave me. Made me feel as if my soul was leaving my body when I was there.

    Posted 3/18/19

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  • Un explained presence

    My father told me about this place when I was a child and as he told me about the creepy feelings you get when you are on the property made me cry with fear. Even though I had not experienced myself I could tell that my father was telling the truth. His stories never changed he held fast to every detail no matter who asked him. I know there is something there in that cemetary. I do not know what or why their so much and not in other cemetaries but its there. I am not trying to scare anyone it is haunted. I do not know why or who or if its harmless or evil. But it seems to me when I really think about it that it must be evil and wrong because I dont think anything pure clean and good would act like this and inflict fear this way. Please pay attention to your surroundings if you go there something is there I was there last year and one time is all I needed. Never again!! Please be careful.

    Posted 9/23/18

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  • Presence of spirit

    There is something there in that cemetary. My husband told me that when he was young he had a friend that was walking by the cemetary one night with his girlfriend and she was holding her son that was about 2 yrs old when something like a blurry mist came up all around them and she could feel handds trying to take her son awsy grom her. They began fighting bsck at whatever it wad and trying to run away. Finally they were wsy past the cemetary and the foggy mist was gone as eell as the invisible force trying to steal her son

    Posted 7/8/18

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  • movement at head stone

    Last October for halloween I went over to Kellers cemetary with my husband on a dare with my oldest son. He didn't think we would go, so I talked the rest of the family into going with me while he stayed home. It was about a week before halloween and after midnight. It had been storming earlier that night and it had stopped for a little while but another cloud was coming up and you could hear thunder in the distance and the wind was picking up at times. So, we pulled up into the cemetary and found a place to park, we were over by a little white house that was over a grave, we sat and sat and nothing happened. The storm was getting closer so after what seemed like an hour or so had went by and nothing had happened I decided to leave, my son was getting bored and wanted to go home.I looked out across the cemetary one last time as we were starting the yukon up to go home I noticed something move behind one of the gravemarker stones. At first I thought it was my imagination, we moved the truck around a little to leave and as I kept looking I seen that it was still moving and it was coming toward us very slowly. I showed it to my son and he started screaming to his Dad to get us out of there!!! It looked like somone down on their stomache crawling towards us very slowly trying not to let us see them. But we did see!!! My husband was so startled and nervous trying to get us turned around he didn't see it.As long as I live I will never forget that night and will always wonder what that was out there in the dark crawling towards us and what it would have done if we hadn't seen it and it had gotten up to us???

    Posted 7/3/18

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  • got chased by a devil worshipper

    Me and my friends thought it was a good idea to go one night.We had went to see a movie and then we left to go there and when we pulled up,we saw a dead cat laying inside of a pentagram and me and my friend said "Screw this,lets get back in the car."We got in and about 2 seconds later my other friend ran to the car screaming and this guy in a mask and all black ran to the car hitting the windows.My friend had an airsoft gun and acted like it was a real gun to get the guy back.He put his hands in the air and stepped back and gave my friend time to get in,lock the door and start the car.When we pulled out he started chasing the car and then we lost him.

    Posted 9/26/17

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