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Keller's Chapel and Cemetery - Jonesboro AR Real Haunted Place

  • Keller's Chapel and Cemetery
  • Jonesboro, AR
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This cemetery is rumored to be haunted by ghostly lights that follow visitors around at night, the sounds of babies crying, eerie apparitions and unexplained noises.
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  • A Evil Spirit

    My friends and I were told about this place and we travel from Tennessee to see if it was true because we enjoy visiting haunted places. But this place. I never want to come near it again. As we was walking through it during the night, we saw a shadow figure standing by a tombstone. My friend, he decided to walk towards it so I followed him. When we got to the tombstone, no one was there. But we turned around to head back to our vehicle. A man was standing by our car watching us. He was just looking at us. He then begin walking towards us with haste. We begin to run but heard a scream of a woman. We looked back and he was gone. We went back to the car to leave and after we started the car. I looked out to the cemetery before I took off and he was there again. Except this time he was holding a sharp curved knife standing above a grave in the very back. The way he was standing there in the wind. I couldn't see his face but I could feel uncomfortable. Like he was staring into my soul. I will never come back here. The feeling it gave me. Made me feel as if my soul was leaving my body when I was there.

    Posted 3/18/19

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  • Un explained presence

    My father told me about this place when I was a child and as he told me about the creepy feelings you get when you are on the property made me cry with fear. Even though I had not experienced myself I could tell that my father was telling the truth. His stories never changed he held fast to every detail no matter who asked him. I know there is something there in that cemetary. I do not know what or why their so much and not in other cemetaries but its there. I am not trying to scare anyone it is haunted. I do not know why or who or if its harmless or evil. But it seems to me when I really think about it that it must be evil and wrong because I dont think anything pure clean and good would act like this and inflict fear this way. Please pay attention to your surroundings if you go there something is there I was there last year and one time is all I needed. Never again!! Please be careful.

    Posted 9/23/18

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  • Presence of spirit

    There is something there in that cemetary. My husband told me that when he was young he had a friend that was walking by the cemetary one night with his girlfriend and she was holding her son that was about 2 yrs old when something like a blurry mist came up all around them and she could feel handds trying to take her son awsy grom her. They began fighting bsck at whatever it wad and trying to run away. Finally they were wsy past the cemetary and the foggy mist was gone as eell as the invisible force trying to steal her son

    Posted 7/8/18

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  • movement at head stone

    Last October for halloween I went over to Kellers cemetary with my husband on a dare with my oldest son. He didn't think we would go, so I talked the rest of the family into going with me while he stayed home. It was about a week before halloween and after midnight. It had been storming earlier that night and it had stopped for a little while but another cloud was coming up and you could hear thunder in the distance and the wind was picking up at times. So, we pulled up into the cemetary and found a place to park, we were over by a little white house that was over a grave, we sat and sat and nothing happened. The storm was getting closer so after what seemed like an hour or so had went by and nothing had happened I decided to leave, my son was getting bored and wanted to go home.I looked out across the cemetary one last time as we were starting the yukon up to go home I noticed something move behind one of the gravemarker stones. At first I thought it was my imagination, we moved the truck around a little to leave and as I kept looking I seen that it was still moving and it was coming toward us very slowly. I showed it to my son and he started screaming to his Dad to get us out of there!!! It looked like somone down on their stomache crawling towards us very slowly trying not to let us see them. But we did see!!! My husband was so startled and nervous trying to get us turned around he didn't see it.As long as I live I will never forget that night and will always wonder what that was out there in the dark crawling towards us and what it would have done if we hadn't seen it and it had gotten up to us???

    Posted 7/3/18

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  • got chased by a devil worshipper

    Me and my friends thought it was a good idea to go one night.We had went to see a movie and then we left to go there and when we pulled up,we saw a dead cat laying inside of a pentagram and me and my friend said "Screw this,lets get back in the car."We got in and about 2 seconds later my other friend ran to the car screaming and this guy in a mask and all black ran to the car hitting the windows.My friend had an airsoft gun and acted like it was a real gun to get the guy back.He put his hands in the air and stepped back and gave my friend time to get in,lock the door and start the car.When we pulled out he started chasing the car and then we lost him.

    Posted 9/26/17

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